Thanks for having a look at what we're up to at the moment. Torch is a full service marketing agency, set apart by the dominance of extensive research throughout our strategy and execution. Creative, commercial solutions are all underpinned by in-depth and daily analysis of the industry sector. From design and digital, to sales promotion and social media, our experienced team and unique approach ensures we consistently deliver measurable and accountable marketing solutions that stand out from the crowd. Torch is all about turning insight into inspiration, without which everything would be guesswork.

Maximising Festival Fever

Client: Aramark

Aramark, the UK based food service distributor, briefed us to create a range of key summer campaigns with offers targeting two sectors within their ma ... more

Trade treats

Client: Carte D'Or

Our challenge for Carte D'Or was to create a website for the summer season that grabbed the attention of food service operators by offering real value ... more

Knorr Blue Dragon Pastes

Client: Unilever Food Solutions (Sauces)

Unilever’s objectives were to drive sampling at the launch of their new range of Dragon pastes, demonstrating that Knorr Blue Dragon is leading the wa ... more

Food Fighters

Client: Aramark

Aramark run a number of catering outlets in college and university campuses across the UK. Our brief was to create a campaign to entice students to ea ... more


Client: Unilever Food Solutions & Elior UK

Elior UK wanted to create a new street food concept that would be simple to put into practice across the estate, flexible enough to embrace global cui ... more

Christmas Seasonal Campaign

Client: Aramark

Aramark is a contract catering company running outlets in various sectors across the UK. Torch was asked to produce a marketing campaign for Christmas ... more

Savour the Flavour with Umami

Client: Unilever Food Solutions & Elior UK

Challenged to break the perception of soup being the ‘boring’ option on menus, Torch were briefed to create a new branded concept for Elior that would ... more

Blue Dragon Digital Launch

Client: Knorr

Briefed to raise the profile of Knorr Blue Dragon sauces and to communicate a variety of ways to use the product, Torch B2B were asked to develop a so ... more

Employment Value Proposition

Client: Unilever Food Solutions

Unilever Food Solutions has a constant need to attract and retain talent to deliver their ambitious strategy, however company employer branding is not ... more

The Curious Cake Company Taste Test

Client: Unilever Food Solutions

Aimed at challenging chefs’ perceptions that FLORA Buttery has an inferior taste to real butter, Unilever Food Solutions briefed Torch to create a glo ... more

Create More

Client: Knorr

Unilever Best Foods approached us to help them to launch a new range of sauces under the Blue Dragon and Patak’s brands, enabling chefs to add their o ... more

Ingredients for success

Client: Bakehouse

Bakehouse, the European pastry specialists, briefed Torch to redesign their website. The key objectives were to increase accessibility for smartphone ... more

Around the World

Client: Aramark

With increasing pressure on budgets and a wide range of offers and promotions on the high street, Aramark, the food service distributor, briefed us t ... more