JOLLY NICE PEOPLE WHO DO JOLLY GOOD IDEAS A few years ago we were working in some big London agencies as creative people and account handling types when we thought to ourselves, 'hang about, we can do better than this. Let's start our own creative agency. But let's be smarter, quicker, better value. And a whole lot nicer.' 'We could win awards. What a good idea!' So we hopped on our Ideas Bicycles and set out. At first our home was more an Ideas Caravan with mushrooms on the walls and a hedgehog called Trevor living in the photocopier. But with some lovely clients and a lot of hard work, we turned our modest mobile home into a buzzing metropolis of ideas. Now at Serious HQ we spend all day and all night making ideas. We make oompah loompahs look lazy. Maybe we could make some ideas especially for you?

3 Mobile logo


Client: Three Mobile

A national campaign to increase footfall into 300 stores by incentivising people with a leaflet, free red tulip with promotional tag, cost effectively ... more

London Business School logo


Client: London Business School

SERIOUS were tasked to launch London Business School's new campus in Dubai. ... more

Royal Marsden

Captain Chemo

Client: The Royal Marsden

Leaping into action, Captain Chemo is now using his super powers through sensitive writing in an informative and engaging way to schools throughout th ... more



Client: Vertex

... more