Rhondda Street Studio is a cosy basement recording studio set upon Constitution Hill in Swansea, South West Wales, with a lovely warm analogue sound, and if you go outside a great view over Swansea Bay! If you are looking to record music on a budget but don't want a budget sound then this is the place for you. Our Studio Equipment Recording/Mastering Soundtracs Topaz Studio 8 - 32 track analogue mixing desk with meter bridge. Alesis HD24 - 24 track digital ADAT recorder. Alesis Masterlink - digital mastering, back up and Red Book CD creation. All Van Damme/Starquad/Neutrik cabling. Outboard SPL Goldmike - twin channel valve mic preamp TL Audio 5051 - valve processer. TL Audio Fatman 1 - x 2 - valve stereo compressors Focusrite Platinum Penta compressor preamps x 2 Lexicon MPX1 - dual channel reverb and effects unit Lexicon MPX500 - dual channel reverb and effects unit Drawmer DS201 - two channel noise gates SPL Vitaliser - psychoacoustic sound enhancer. ZOOM - 707 guitar processer. Monitoring Event 20/20 BAS - 200 watt bi amped powered monitors. Alesis M1 520 powered nearfield monitors Tascam Headphone amplification - 4 channel Beyer DT100, DT250 headphones Sennheiser HD25 Headphones Editing - Mixing Dell Precision 650 Workstation with Dual Xeon Pro 2.8ghz processors, 4Gb RAM, 22" TFT LCD monitor. Running Pro Tools LE 7.3.1 with Smack!, Structure LE, Amplitube X Gear, Melodyne, T-Racks 3 Deluxe, Waves Diamond Bundle etc. Microphones Neumann TLM103. Beyer Opus 53 x 2 AKG C1000s. AKG D112. Audio Technica AT4033a. Rode NTK Large diaphragm Valve mic. Golden Age Project R 1 Mk2 - Ribbon mic Audix D2 x 4. CAD M179 multi pattern large diaphragm mic CAD C195 x 2. CAD KBM 412. Shure SM58 x 3. Shure SM57 x 4. Shure SM57 Beta. Takstar PCM 6100 x 2. plus other various inc custom Telephone receiver mics Instrumentation Korg Triton Pro workstation keyboard. Denon digital piano 88 weighted keys with harpsichord, vibraphone etc. Ayotte Custom 4 piece drum kit. Sonor Phonic and Gretsch Elite drum kits with Istanbul/Zildjian/Meinl cymbals. Laney Acoustic Guitar amp. Peavey Artist late 70's valve combo. Theremin. Various Percussion inc Toca conga's, Schlagwerk cajon, darabuka, LP Djembe, Pandeiro etc

King of Despair - Harpoon

Client: King of Despair

Recording. mixing and mastering of the first King of Despair Album - Harpoon. ... more