Ghost in the Machine film poster

Ghost in the Machine

Client: ThreeSixNine Productions

Working with Director Oliver Krimpas, pleasefindattached designed and illustrated a film poster for the short film ‘Ghost in the Machine’. The film is ... more

Timberland illustration

Timberland POS and Consumer Guide

Client: Timberland

Point of sale and consumer catalogue design for Timberland. ... more

M.I. High title sequence

M.I. High Title Sequence

Client: Kudos Film and Television Ltd

Title Sequence for children's TV show M.I. High.

click here to view the sequ ... more

Maurice Turnor Gardner Logo

Maurice Turnor Gardner Branding and Website

Client: Maurice Turnor Gardner

Branding and website design for city law firm Maurice Turnor Gardner.

view the full site at www. ... more

Keith Brumpton website still

Keith Brumpton Website

Client: Keith Brumpton

Portfolio website for Children's author and television writer.

View the site in full at www.keithbrumpt ... more