Gorgon Illustration by Mike Nash
  • Gorgon Illustration by Mike Nash


Client: Personal Project
Medusa is classified as a gorgon - meaning 'female monster' and is probably the most well known monster from Greek myth. She symbolizes the sexuality, intelligence and power of women. Both seductive and mysterious, she is temptation. Medusa’s eyes remain in shadow, giving us the chance to look upon her. Despite the subject being a figure of fantasy I wanted to maintain a sense of realism and worked hard to try and capture the form, weight and texture of both snake and human skin plus achieve a moody atmosphere. The image originally started out far more elaborate, but it quickly became too fantastical for the aim of the picture. Therefore during the painting process I simplified the composition by cropping the image, but also heightened the sense of impact and mystery as a result. To emphasise the three-dimensional effect I allowed one of the snakes to break out of the frame.

Brief: To portray a more realistic vision of Medusa the gorgon. Powerful, intriguing and seductive, without becoming cliche.

Testimonial: Website Feedback 'Wonderful piece - I love the whole composition and the overall effect that you've captured.' - Jeff3333 'Insanely good. The shapes, the atmosphere, the way the snake goes into the frame as he does.. Whaw. :)' - PunkassKriss 'This is amazing. I really like the way you hide her eyes in the shadow so we are safe to look at your painting.' - firshania 'Fan-freakin-tastic. The colors you have going on here are awesome. And the weight and texture on the snakes is so very fine. Great piece.' - Smolin 'Fantastic lighting!' - quickreaver

Website: www.mike-nash.com

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