Over the years I have tackled a variety of art styles and as a result my skills span from pencil drawn designs to three-dimensional miniatures, photography and some Stop-Motion Animation work. My experiments within these individual methods have collaborated to form my current visual style. My art has often been described as intriguing, eerie and strangely attractive. I have a passion for detail and like using a limited palette with a strong accent colour as contrast. I also enjoy capturing texture and dramatic lighting effects. As a result my work tends to be rather atmospheric and powerful in appearance. I am interested primarily in conceptual artwork, be it for film, video games or book illustration. I find the idea of creating imaginary worlds full of creative characters incredibly exciting and thought provoking. However despite my interest in fictitious creatures I like to harness a sense of realism and history within my designs. My work balances on the divide between plausibility and fantasy. During my time spent at University I created three short Stop-Motion Animations as part of my learning process. Even though relatively simple, these projects enabled me to learn how to narrate stories via sequential art as well as how lighting and composition affect the atmosphere of a scene. This knowledge also helped improve my drawing skills and I discovered that thorough planning and communication is incredibly important for the success of any project. Clients can expect a professional and friendly service. I listen to, discuss and make plans with my clients to enable me to produce high quality art tailored specifically to the client's needs. The result leaves both myself and the client pleased and excited with the artwork created. I enjoy making people happy and it is a great compliment when they're happy with the work I produce. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your projects and ideas. I enjoy working hard to produce artwork both you and I can be proud of. Kind regards, Mike www.mike-nash.com

'Demon Host' Book Cover Illustration

Demon Host

Client: Patrick Nelson Childs

This piece was commissioned by sci-fi and fantasy author Pat Nelson Childs for the cover of ‘Demon Host’, book one of his new 'Starlander' series. Unf ... more

Gorgon Illustration by Mike Nash


Client: Personal Project

Medusa is classified as a gorgon - meaning 'female monster' and is probably the most well known monster from Greek myth. She symbolizes the sexuality, ... more

'Dracula' by Mike Nash


Client: Personal Project

I was determined not to make him look like the stereotypical vampire from the Hammer Horror films and fancy dress parties; so big fangs, capes and bad ... more