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Dell Precision M6400 e-shot. Copywriter Ken RIchman

Dell Precision M6400 e-shot

Client: Dell through Enfatico

Dell targets SMEs through regular email marketing. This one features the Dell Precision M6400 Workstation - ideal for creative professionals who need ... more

3Com Security Viral

3Com Security Viral

Client: 3Com through Draft London

To promote 3Com’s range of network security products, a viral campaign was created consisting of emails (subject line: Watch this guy go) and an embed ... more

Sainsburys Sharwoods sauces mailing. Copywriter Ken Richman

Sharwood's Fresh Asian Sauces

Client: Sainsburys through Proximity London

Ever wanted to cook authentic Asian cuisine? Sainsbury’s helped Sharwood launch their fresh sauces by targeting Nectar card users, who received a mail ... more

BT B2B literature. Copywriter Ken Richman

BT Gordon Ramsey literature

Client: BT through TAG Worldwide

If you can’t stand the heat, Gordon, stay out of the server cabinet. This is one of a number of ‘B2B marketing collateral pieces’ that I was asked to ... more