My philosophy is simple, I believe in total customer service and treating customers with equal respect. Many companies are overlooking the most important asset, the customer. I believe that if I focus on the customer and their needs, then success willl follow. Take a look at this seasons special offers for you on my site.I have developed my skills as a middleweight designer over the past 7 years. Involving myself with community sharks and international players has helped me to target a niche market in my field, specialising in vector illustrations for fashion, lifestlye, editorials, advertising, conceptual, digital, portrait, branding, character development etc. As a designer i have worked for the BBC, Royals Royce, The Birmingham Independent and Blazin Star Experiential.

whitehawk 1

Peacefully anointed

Client: Jesus Wear 24-7 illlustration

My client required an image as part of the brand image. This is the modified version of the original. ... more

Kids image


Client: Jesus Wear 24-7 illlustration

This is new online work for a UK clothing line 'Jesus Wear 24-7'. It will be used in the kids section. ... more

whitehawk 3

Faith ..

Client: Jesus Wear 24-7 illustration

Design for a UK online clothing brand. This is intented for the index/first page of the website, displaying the a word which is both central and param ... more

vector illustration

Vintage Men's banner 1

Client: Jesus Wear 24-7 illlustration

This was illustrated as part of a campaign for a UK clothing brand. ... more