Engine Creative is a creative agency with a heart full of ideas and a bucket load of expertise. We believe that great ideas will communicate across all media channels. We also believe that great ideas come from working with and talking to our clients to find out about their needs, not ours. Our client base covers an ever expanding diversity of public sector and private sector clients, from Automotive and Music to Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Education. We work with clients such as BBC Worldwide, Toyo Tyres, Ministry of Sound, The University of Northamton, Tesco, Universal Music TV and various government organisations across a diverse range of skillsets including branding, advertising, digital, print and broadcast. Engine Creative's work with our clients has been recognised by the Recommended Agency Register (RAR), an independent organisation who undertake extensive research every year to identify the most respected agencies in the core marketing disciplines of account handling, creativity, value for money, strategic thinking and overall professionalism.

Clubland Brand Development

Client: Universal Music

Take a compilation album in a saturated market and transform it into a lifestyle brand of choice for a generation. ... more

Online & Offline Brand Development

Client: Open University

Act as an extension of the Open University's (OU) internal communications team offering specialist services outside of their existing skill sets. ... more

In-Store Screensaver

Client: Tesco

Create a new way for customers to engage with and purchase computers in store. ... more

Resource Efficiency Animation

Client: WRAP

Convince 250 business leaders that they should engage with resource efficiency. ... more

Brand Development

Client: Ministry Of Sound

To deliver market leading creative that generates significant sales. ... more

European Advertising Campaign

Client: Toyo Tires

Understand tyres, connect with a diverse European market and build a brand. ... more

Illustration & Animation

Client: BBC Top Gear

Visualise the impossible and bring the improbable to life. ... more

Online TV Campaign Support

Client: Next

Add brand value to a national TV campaign and drive the target audience to purchase products online. ... more

N-Dubz Brand Development

Client: Island Records

Create a British Urban brand that can take on the world (and win). ... more

Advertising & Brand Awareness Campaign

Client: The University of Northampton

Raise the brand perception of a young university in a traditional market. ... more

A True Brand Renaissance

Client: Renaissance

An established brand in a niche market. A rich visual heritage. But where next? ... more

Online Learning Awareness Campaign

Client: Kaplan Financial

Develop a campaign strategy for Kaplan's online learning offering that actively helps with customer retention and customer acquisition. ... more

Augmented reality the way it should be.

Client: BBC Top Gear

Unite Top Gear’s print magazine with their TV content through Augmented Reality. ... more


Augmented reality the way it should be.

Client: BBC Top Gear

Unite Top Gear’s print magazine with their TV content through Augmented Reality. ... more

Video still- Vale of Glamorgan

Explore and More

Client: The Vale of Glamorgan

Encourage tourists to visit heritage sites across South Wales. ... more

University of Northampton School of the Arts

Arts Brochure and Digital Publication

Client: The University of Northampton

Create a prospectus and digital publication that would engage and resonate with prospective students to The University of Northampton's arts division. ... more

Baby Zilli E-Commerce Website

zillibaby.co.uk - E-Commerce Website

Client: Baby Zilli

Take a new celebrity endorsed brand and make it work in the digital world. ... more