Eggbox Studios is a 3D visualisation studio specialising in photo-realistic illustration & animation for print, web, DVD or film. Eggbox Studios has provided visualisation services to small, independant businesses and Fortune 500 corporations. This has included planning application submissions, funding applications, marketing material, public consultations, TV commercials, magazine articles, site board graphics, presentation graphics and much more. Our 3d modelling and rendering services have been used to create digital assets for other animation companies and studios.

The National Archive

Client: E2, Yes Dining

Interior visuals of a proposed redesign of the National Archive's restaurant. ... more

Photo montage

Sandown, Isle of White

Client: Art-Tech Architecture

A series of computer generated images, photo-montages and animations used for a planning application submission. ... more

perspective illustration

Scotland development

A selection of photo-real 3d illustrations of new properties, produced from architectural plans prior to beginning construction and used for marketing ... more

commercial development

Commercial development concept

A series of photo-real 3d illustrations to promote the concept of a new commercial business centre. ... more

ultimate remote

ESPN Ultimate Remote

Client: FUSE/ideas / ESPN

Photo-real 3d product models produced of ESPN's "Ultimate Remote" for online marketing and promotion. ... more


Gulfaks C

Client: GTSCAD / Halliburton / Statoil Hydro

Animation produced for training purposes showing the construction process for managed pressure drilling equipment. ... more

toilet duck

Toilet Duck

Client: A Large Evil Corporation

TV commercial and promotional material for SC Johnson's new "Fresh Discs" product. ... more