From short films and bio-product design, to new social enterprises, Contented helps embed innovation, learning, and values of sustainability across organisations and their communities. We work with clients and their partners to design, support and manage quality projects that help embed them within their communities and meet the objectives of multiple stakeholders. These needs are usually complex, embracing CSR, environmental management, HR, R&D; local authority social indicators; school and college performance. To address them we use creative facilitation techniques based on best organisational development practice. Participants in our creative Learning Projects can develop leadership, accredit new skills, help achieve regeneration goals, and innovate products and services to reduce environmental impact. Our vision: contented communities.

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Creative Energy (ongoing)

Client: Utility Company/Learning consortium

An ongoing creative project that aims to help ensure quality of life for everyone now and for the future. Not just 'green' but inclusive, balancing in ... more