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Client: Green & Black's
Blazinstar Experiential worked with PHD Rocket to make Green & Blacks the official sponsor of Art Barter’s launch event and of a four-day show at the trendy Rag Factory off Brick Lane in London. The campaign affiliated Green & Blacks new colourful packaging with art by supporting the local art scene whilst securing media coverage amplifying “Chocol’art,” a digital application and campaign microsite. By sponsoring Art Barter, an auction in which people may barter for artwork using alternatives to money, Green and Blacks gained exposure to opinion leaders, press, and members of the public who attended the much-publicised event. The sponsorship by Green and Blacks showcased a 4m by 5m giant piece of “Choco’art” made by infamous artist Sir Peter Blake using real chocolate bars. The artwork dominated an entire wall of the former studio of Tracey Emin and Gary Hume. In addition to widespread branding at the Art Barter event, Blazinstar Experiential also had the bar stocked with Firefly tonics, Kopparberg cider, and Adnams and Bitburg beers—all event drink sponsors whose brand values complemented those of Art Barter and Green & Blacks.

Response: The event secured significant international PR coverage for the Green & Blacks brand, as well as associating the gourmet chocolate with art and culture and leveraging the digital application. In the UK, apart from securing coverage in most national newspapers such as The Independent and The Telegraph, the event was part of local papers such as Evening Standard (twice) and Time Out, mentioned on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme hosted by Evan Davies (The BBC’s Economics Editor) and also featured on the BBC news. The marketing and PR team at Green & Blacks were very pleased with the event and sponsorship, which they confirmed had exceeded all their expectations.

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