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Experiential Marketing Global Activity

Client: BIOSHOCK 2
A stunning global guerrilla campaign to promote the new “BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams” video game. Live dates ran parallel at high-footfall beaches in eight countries around the world, including Australia, Germany, France, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and the UK.

Brief: Brand ambassadors planted “message in a bottle” promotional items along the beach, which contained three limited edition BioShock 2 posters. The mysterious bottles drew a lot of attention and created viral hype for the BioShock 2 game because of its originality and thematic link to the game. This guerrilla campaign, which was launched at some of the most popular beaches in the world, was successfully implemented to a short deadline and resulted in great public acclaim.

Response: The frenzy of media coverage in targeted websites, blogs and magazines was outstanding and exceeded all expectations. The reach was estimated at over 500k, and a huge buzz ensued, with some participants even reselling the ‘message in a bottle’items on eBay for over £50!

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