Ambient Media creates Haiti Awareness

Client: Unicef
Rapp approached Blazinstar Experiential on behalf of Unicef to implement a targeted campaign to help raise awareness of the earthquake disaster in Haiti, and the humanitarian crisis that had followed. Blazinstar implemented the whole campaign at cost price, while Rapp managed to generate further media amplification and awareness by securing a photo story for the press.

Brief: Blazinstar Experiential set to work and negotiated complimentary space hire in several locations across London, in addition to guerrilla activities that were managed by Blazinstar Experiential. Hard-hitting, visually impactful, ‘Standees’ (cardboard cut outs of children and earthquake victims) were placed and photographed in and around London’s highest footfall locations, to give the impression that they were actually there. The telephone number of the Haiti appeal was highly visible on the image as a call to action.

Response: This ambient fundraiser, helped to raise awareness about the crisis in Haiti and Unicef’s initiative to help. • 250,000 OTS (Opportunities to see) • Various media channels picked up the campaign

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