Full service of Music Composition & Sound Design for Videogames, Film, TV, Advertising and diverse media from early 90´s. Several years of experience working both in-house and freelance for different international videogame companies as MIDWAY, UBISOFT, SCEA, 8 BIT GAMES, BIG HEAD GAMES (UK), GAMMICK ENTERTAINMENT, VIRTUAL TOYS, Shanblue, Enjoy Up,Tragnarion Videogames (inhouse 1995-1997), advertising agencies (Vitruvio - Leo Burnett, J. Walter Thomson, McCann - Erickson..) production music libraries CDs for APM MUSIC, SONOTON & BRITISH AUDIO... Please visit http://www.badolatomusic.com for more info on different areas and listen to audio demos Next Game releases: - Release early 2009: Soundtrack for " WHEELMAN " AAA Vin Diesel videogame developed by Midway Games, MTV games , Tigon Studios and Paramount (XBOX 360, PS3, PC) This work includes creating half of the ingame interactive soundtrack, music for the cutscenes of the game and music for the intro for a next series of Wheelman promotion trailers for TV and Cinema April 23, 2008 Wheelman soundtrack review from a first press presentation that took place at Vegas: http://www.worthplaying.com/article.php?sid=51560 "What was impressive, when you could hear it, was the game's score. Instead of the usual sludge of generic licensed songs that plague open world games, Wheelman had an original soundtrack clearly inspired by the music of the actual classic car chase films, and it perfectly captured the way a good film uses music. Tracks were purely instrumental, monumental during major car chases and then light and airy during relaxed scenes. Moving toward enemies provoked tense music, while bursts of action called for suitable bursts of brass and heavy synth bass. The music did a lot to help imagine the finished product while playing the early version, and in the final game could prove to be a marvelous finishing touch." - Released June, 2008 Soundtrack for " ELEFUNK " Playstation 3 videogame by SCEA (Work includes half music content and 5.1 mixing) - Released July, 2008 " DOODLE HEX " for the nintendo DS by Tragnarion Studios, having done a huge part of its music, about 99% sound design & implementation. - Three additional tittles are on their way for fall 2008... (work includes all music, sound design, voiceovers & implementation) Next Film/Animation release for 2008: - SANTA VS CLAUS, 74 min. animation movie (Work includes all music, sound design, 5.1 mixing) We offer a full service in music composition, arranging and sound design for all media in any style. Many of our works are currently worldwide broadcasted over 35 countries. Would like to highlite our ability to deliver full live symphonic orchestra scores, as well as high energy crunch guitar, techno-electronica and modern styles. Services: - Soundtracks for Videogames: Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo DS, PC and all modern platforms - Sound Design For All Media - Soundtracks for Film & Animation (music to picture, film scoring ) - Soundtracks for TV & Advertising (spots, corporate image, documentary, audio logos... ) - Soundtracks for Multimedia (cd-roms, internet audio... ) - Audio Direction & Supervision - Album production for bands & artists -------------------- Guillermo Badolato | Jorge Badolato Music Composition & Sound Design for Videogames, Film & TV http://www.badolatomusic.com Guillermo Badolato | Graduated in 1992 at Musicians Institute (Hollywood, Ca.), you can find info at "Success Stories" at Musicians Institute website: www.mi.edu


“WHEELMAN” (2009)

Client: Midway Games | Tigon Studios | MTV Games

"WHEELMAN" AAA Vin Diesel videogame developed by Midway Games, MTV games , Tigon Studios tied with Paramount related film. Both releases due early 200 ... more