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Subaru South Africa - New Digital Presence by Quirk

Subaru South Africa - New Digital Presence by Quirk

Posted by: Quirk London | Date added: Thu 10 Jul 2014

Subaru Southern Africa is extending its reputation for engineering excellence to the digital realm with the launch of a new website that seeks to express the reliable responsiveness and enjoyment synonymous with the brand.

In partnership with Quirk, who have led digital efforts on the brand since 2012, Subaru Southern Africa revved the engines of their digital presence to create a world-class automotive website that communicates the driver-centricity at the heart of the Subaru experience and offers a responsive experience to current and potential owners at all stages of purchase consideration.

The site also seeks to add value to internal stakeholders, offering dealers a login portal for real-time stock updates at dealerships, which play a vital role in the customer experience and automotive buying cycle.

Determined to set a new standard for local automotive brand web assets, Subaru Southern Africa approached the build rigorously, enabling the shift of their hard-coded content management system (CMS) to a more accessible version that can be easily and cost-effectively updated.

A fully-responsive delivery and separate mobile navigation also offer an optimised experience for mobile users. Since the site has gone live, online visits have increased by 30%, online brochures have increase by 130% and online test drive booked are increasing each month.

As Ashley Watts, Quirk Account Director explains "Subaru Southern Africa put their trust in Quirk to deliver a site that could match up to their competitors. Understanding the time, effort and the patience it takes to deliver great work, Subaru allowed Quirk to work systematically through each process of the build, with results that speak for themselves. We are proud of the outcome, and having a very happy client is what we live for”.

According to Ashley Lazarus, Marketing Manager for Subaru Southern Africa “Quirk has made the effort to understand our business. They have engaged with our brand, spending time with us, our dealerships and even our customers, in order to grasp key business insights. Their expertise and contribution has gone even further than just the digital space. We consider Quirk an extension of our business - a strategic business partner.”


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