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Spencer du Bois rebrands NUS

Spencer du Bois rebrands NUS

Posted by: Spencer du Bois | Date added: Wed 24 Jul 2013

Spencer du Bois, the social impact branding specialist, has rebranded the National Union of Students to ensure students can thrive and help them shape the future of education.

Education is an issue loaded with conflict and debate. And it’s students who are bearing the brunt. What with fees, the emerging global market and fears around employment, students are faced with overwhelming confusion and uncertainty.

And, if education is suffering, society is suffering.

NUS, with 7 million student voices, is helping students drive change.

NUS promotes, defends and extends student rights. NUS fights discrimination, isolation and injustice. Through practical information and national action, NUS makes sure students can thrive. NUS supports and strengthens students and their unions. NUS develops research that influences national policy. NUS champions students – taking on all the issues that affect students’ lives, big and small, now and in future.

Spencer du Bois, with research group NfP Synergy, has worked across the NUS, over the last eighteen months, to draw out what really counts to create the brand messages and visual brand that will champion students.

Spencer du Bois helped implement the brand across all communication channels. From their working environment to the nationwide student discount cards.

Max du Bois, Executive Director at Spencer du Bois, felt that “the real delight in this project was in capturing the unique, pragmatically provocative nature of NUS It’s a breathtakingly energetic organisation that embraces a vast range of activities, from a vision of the future of education to practical, day to day, support for students. The new brand provides a powerful way for NUS to harness and direct all their activities in a coherent and effective way”

 Claire Biscard, Creative Director at Spencer du Bois, on the creative challenges, commented “ We needed to unify and reinvigorate an iconic organisation. And create a brand that has relevance for students today and matched their strength, energy and confidence. It's about highlighting what's really important... students shaping the future of education... students driving change”

Ben Kernighan, CEO NUS added “It’s a time of great change for NUS. A new CEO, a new president Toni Pearce, and a new brand identity ensure we actively represent our members under one banner – with students, from student unions. We work hard to make sure that the seven million students we represent can thrive, and through our rebrand Spencer du Bois expertly positioned us to do so.”

The new brand builds on NUS’s strengths to help engage with the seven million students currently studying in the UK, through new technology, social media, and their own platform NUS Digital, which allows students’ unions to build websites and plug directly in to being part of a national movement.

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