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Illustrator of the Month Winner - Phil Disley

Posted by: Philip Disley | Date added: Mon 08 Dec 2003

Congratulations to Phil Disley! He has won the November Flair with his drawing of Stephen Fry. he will receive a Display listing and be featured across Creativematch for one month.

I had completed a few roughs for the inside pages of the new Saturday Times weekend review launch . Then they asked me to produce a cover.

My brief was 'quite interesting' but I didn't know it at the time!.I was told to produce a drawing of Stephen Fry who was to host a new quiz show called QI.Now that made me curious straightway "what does QI mean?"

I had no text to read because the magazine was In it's early stages and I may leak the information to it's competitors or the FBI! The show had not yet been aired and it's premiere coincided with the Saturday reveiw launch.

I was told the show was about obscure and interesting facts and fortunately did manage to catch the trailer for the program just before my deadline.

The illustration I produced for the inner pages was of Fry with a telescope protruding from the top of his head illustrating mans insatiable curiosity. This idea I carried through onto the cover instead detaching the head and elevating it above clouds made of trashy news stories. The type devoured by the public to suppress their natural curiosities.

With this job time was not a problem as it was the first issue extra time and care were taken which meant I could indulge myself with some traditional techniques and e-mail the art work at my leisure.

My main inspiration would have to be other people. I am an avid people watcher and find myself playing fat, thin, old lookalikes all the time.I can't stop!!

As for inspirational artists I would have to say Andre Francois for his mixture of genius ideas and expressive line work. I am also a big fan of David Hockney etchings especially his A rakes progress series. I love japanese wood block prints and for their use of flat colour and delicate line work. You can also add to the list Hogarth, Hoffung,Ronald Searle,Ralph Steadman,Ian Pollock, David Hughes, Gerald Scarfe, is that QI (quite interesting)?

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