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European and global marketing procurement trends report released by Agency Spotter

European and global marketing procurement trends report released by Agency Spotter

Posted by: Agency Spotter | Date added: Tue 20 Sep 2016

Agency Spotter has published the latest report showing global trends for agency search and marketing services.

The leading marketing services disciplines clients are searching for globally are: Advertising, Web, Digital Strategy, Branding, and Marketing Strategy. These have been evaluated based on marketers searching for agencies in the first half of 2016 as compared to results across 2015.

The report highlights trends across the top 25 disciplines and which have moved up or down compared with 2015.

Agency Spotter CEO and Founder, Brian Regienczuk comments "Seeing how searches for agencies are changing and which disciplines remain at the top year over year is an important indicator for agencies and marketing professionals.

Disciplines that have moved up six to nine points since last year helps everyone understand how demand for marketing services is changing and see which trends are turning into larger shifts in marketing buying behavior."

Agency Spotter CEO EMEA, Rod Geoghegan comments “The research provides European and global insights into new business development so that agencies can understand and respond to the changing client requirements in marketing services procurement.

Agencies that align their expertise with emerging client marketing focus will be best placed to succeed in building their new business funnel in 2017.”

Top agency search traffic came from over 100 countries.

The top three countries are: USA, United Kingdom, and Canada. The report shows global top cities searching for agency services being: New York, Atlanta, London, Los Angeles, and Chicago. All 25 top cities searching for agencies are ranked in the full report.

When looking at traffic searching for agencies across Europe, the top cities are: London, Moscow, Paris, Madrid, and Amsterdam. Data on 15 of the top cities in Europe is available along with percentage breakdown by region.

Read the research report in full.


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