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Posted by: Futureheads | Date added: Fri 01 Feb 2013

With more and more brands competing to create the most engaging and compelling digital experiences, this is a really exciting time to consider joining an in-house design team.

This year at Futureheads we have seen a lot of growth across these in-house teams and this is set to continue through 2013. Whilst User Experience and Project Management professionals are often pushing for more in-house work, it's often something that designers overlook. Of course there are some great design/ digital agencies producing outstanding work and always will be, but as a designer if you've not thought about working as part of an in-house team before or thought it’s not for you, here are some of the reasons our contacts tell us they like working in house as well as for agencies:

1. You will often get to work on big meaty projects right from the very early ideas and concept stage and see your work through to final execution.

2. There are so many brands doing really innovative digital projects which are on a par with any agency work you might get. This year we have placed designers working on a large interactive wall for a leading retailer, a complex trading application (great project for anyone who loves data visualisation and solving complex design problems), and a responsive design project for a well known travel brand to name a few.

3. As a contractor if you want to work on longer term engagements then taking on client side contracts could be for you. Typically the in house briefs we get are anywhere between 3 and 6 months, often rolling on.

4. You get to work as part of a close team with some really talented individuals. With so many more exciting projects being done in house and the rise in interest from UX designers and Project Managers to work on these projects you really do get to work with some of the best talent in the Industry.

5. For any designers who want to influence the whole user experience of a project and work closely with UX professionals to do this, working as part of an In house team often gives you the opportunity to do this, thus developing your skills in User Experience as well. You may also have the opportunity to develop other skills such as stakeholder management and presentation skills.

Of course working in house is not for everyone and there are always going to be brilliant projects done by design agencies if it’s not for you, but base your decision on the brand itself and the project they are offering.

If you are looking to expand your in-house design team, would like to talk to us about any creative/ design or front end opportunities or would like any more advice on whether a permanent role or long term contract as part of a client side team is right for you please contact me.

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