Wildwood Creative is a London based design agency with clients all over the UK. Every business can benefit from good design, which is why we're experienced in all media and most market sectors. Whether you're looking to create a new brand or develop an existing one, produce a one-off brochure or a full set of marketing materials, Wildwood Creative can help.


Brand Identity

Client: Munroe K Asset Management

Munroe K Asset Management works on behalf of a range of well-known clients and manages all aspects of their clients’ portfolios. Munroe started as a b ... more

Optomen Brochure

Marketing Materials

Client: Optomen Television

Optomen TV is a multi-award-winning independent television production company which makes high quality factual programming for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 ... more

The Bentalls Centre Logo

Bespoke document

Client: Aviva Investors

Aviva Investors is one of the largest and most successful managers of property assets and shopping centres in the UK and Europe. The Bentall Centre is ... more

Wimbledon Tennis Lettings Logo

Brand Identity

Client: Wimbledon Tennis Lettings

Wimbledon Tennis Lettings specialises in accommodation for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in South West London, specifically for players, sponsors ... more