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McVitie's 'Dunk Time'

Client: United Biscuits
An integrated campaign driving biscuit consumption and category growth through an association with hot drinks, 'Dunk Time' incorporated a media partnership with a powerful on-pack promotion and experiential activity to 'Brighten up the nation's brew'.

Brief: 86% of biscuit consumption occurs with a drink, but only 8% of drink consumption occurs with a biscuit. Our challenge was therefore to drive incremental sales by encouraging current hot drink consumers who eat McVitie’s biscuits to eat them more often with a hot drink.

Response: A hot drink and a biscuit are perfect partners – consumers may not always have a biscuit with their cuppa, but most would agree that their experience is more rewarding when they indulge. We created the core idea of ‘Dunk Time’, which lived on-pack, in-store, in the media and in the shape of an engaging experiential sampling stand. Wax acted as lead agency for the inter-agency team which delivered a media partnership for radio, online and PR support. The on-pack promotion offered consumers the chance to win 1 of 1m ‘Mega Mugs’ instantly by entering their code online at McVitie’s VIP Club website. We also offered consumers the first ever ‘biscuit delivery service’. Workers could ring, email or text an order for their work place and ‘Dunk Time Delivers’ enhanced their hot drink moment.

Testimonial: 527,194 codes entered during the promotional period 83,197 unique entrants to the promotion 67,836 new McVitie's VIP Club accounts opened 14 days worth of activity 110,500 biscuits sampled 487 deliveries made 20,357 Fan base on facebook

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