Wax is an award-winning promotional marketing agency. With a consumer/ shopper focus, our vision is to use strong, actionable insights to ‘activate people’ to try and buy brands, buy them again and keep on buying them. Combining hard-working and effective promotional techniques with digital, experiential and social channels, we enable consumers and shoppers to engage with brands on their terms, and by doing so ‘activate them’ to try and, better still, buy. We seek ongoing insight into how real people (not demographics) interact with brands in the 21st Century into our campaign ideas and in doing so make them that much more effective.

McVitie's Dunk Time

McVitie's 'Dunk Time'

Client: United Biscuits

An integrated campaign driving biscuit consumption and category growth through an association with hot drinks, 'Dunk Time' incorporated a media partne ... more