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SMS specialist Rentnote re-brands as Avetio

Client: Avetio
Rentnote SMS first established its place in the market as a property specialist. We worked with the company to translate its global offering and diverse sector portfolio into a visionary growth brand; Avetio.

Response: We used our bespoke Brand Development programme, Activate, in order to really get to grips with the company, its values, objectives and ways of working. It was vital to work closely with Avetio through this process to ensure everyone was on board with the new direction before we communicated it to the world. We looked at: Brand Discovery – Finding out exactly what the company stood for, why they offer their products and services, who they were targeting, why would people and organisations use them, where would they offer them and where did they want to go in their next stage of growth. Brand Defined – Outlining the core of the organisation, creating new brand values, a new brand vision, brand promise and detailing their key differentiators. Brand Naming - We knew the company needed to be and feel global so we delivered our naming exercise to create a distinctive name which would work internationally and have space to work across all digital platforms such as their domain name and twitter account. Brand Creation – After lots of research we created ideas and concepts based around communication over the years, looking closely at the brand values and ensuring that we created a brand that was flexible yet structured to support the way SMS communication can be used anywhere but is always targeted. Since its launch in 2009 by co-founders Asha Lad and Sanjit Maini, the company has secured a firm position in the SMS market having developed a robust product portfolio including bespoke SMS platforms, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), apps and white label solutions for the reseller market. Keen to harness the potential of the SMS market, anticipated to exceed $70bn in revenue from application to person (A2P) by 2016, Asha and Sanjit, have developed a globally-capable business built on outstanding customer service, quality products and the agility to adapt to incorporate emerging technologies. Operating across a diverse sector range, Avetio’s client portfolio includes The European Safety Bureau, Wigan Warriors RLFC and Dusk Till Dawn Poker and has ambitious targets to achieve a £50m turnover in the next three to five years. Avetio is now focusing on promoting its API product, which allows organisations to send and receive SMS directly from and to web applications or IT systems. With a UK head office and international back offices, Avetio is well placed to achieve its next phase of growth.

Testimonial: Commenting on the re-brand, director, Asha Lad, said: “Fast becoming a leading market aggregator, it was important for us that our brand reflected our proposition and translated well in a global market. “We’re proud of the success we’ve achieved and feel Avetio represents our core values, products and the way we operate. We have worked hard to develop a loyal client-base and develop tailored products to meet their business requirements, as opposed to commoditised solutions.”

Website: www.avetio.com

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