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An identity borne of collaboration

Client: AdviserPlus
AdviserPlus is a provider of HR and business services to some of the largest companies in the UK. The firms operates under the radar and is seamlessly integrated into its clients’ organisations.

Response: We worked with AdviserPlus to assess and define its brand strategy, then implement a new identity programme which better represented the business. Following our Brand Discovery workshops we had a clear understanding of where the business had been, was now and where it wished to go. A strong message of collaboration and integration came from the workshops and this was explored in the new identity design through the creation of a layered ‘plus’ symbol as part of the logo and the creation of a new strapline “Working well together”. These elements symbolise the benefits of the relationship AdviserPlus has with its clients, the positive internal culture and the smoother running of the client companies. We worked with AdviserPlus to roll out the new brand across the three UK offices, with a co-ordinated internal launch to staff members. Applications included a new content-managed website and intranet, environment signage and graphics along with a suite of collateral including presentations, digital documents and stationery. A full brand style guide was also created.

Testimonial: Chris Clarke, chief executive of AdviserPlus, says: “With a growing team and a strong business proposition we felt it was time to refresh our brand in line with what we have become. “We’ve worked with Vibe to create a visual identity that effectively communicates our core offering and positions us well for our next phase of growth.”


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