Client: Hasbro
Monopoly is a game that is a victim of its own success. Everyone in Britain knows it, has played it and most households have owned a set at some point in their lives. Trying to create new interest and drive new sale in this famous icon was easier said than done.We were briefed to re-ignite people’s passion for Monopoly. The primary objective of the campaign was to generate a real ‘buzz’ around the launch of the updated game to build consumer excitement and awareness of the new version. Hasbro had high hopes for the new variant and felt Monopoly ‘Here & Now’ could reignite the core Monopoly brand. As such, our overall objective was to increase the total value of Monopoly by 15%, by the end of 2005.

Brief: Given the wide appeal, novel nature and stiff sales targets of the 70th anniversary limited edition, it was decided to target a broader audience than just parents. This broader audience would have an urban bias and be most likely younger than a traditional Monopoly audience. From quantitative and qualitative research, Tribal DDB found that its audience (particularly the mums) enjoy playing online games as a means of taking time out from their busy day (whether at home or at work). They love card games, puzzles and light strategy-type games that are easy to pick up yet difficult to master. However, many of these games are pretty similar and have a short shelf life, so they are always on the lookout for the latest, most interesting game or ‘hit’.

Response: Our big idea was very big. Life-size actually. For one month, we turned the streets of London into a real-life game of Monopoly ‘Here & Now‘ using digital technology. We called it Monopoly LIVE. Real-life locations in London corresponded with the updated locations on the board. We recruited London black cabs, equipped with GPS transmitters to act as our life size playing pieces, offered a host of prizes and anybody in the country could play the game via our dedicated website. Success by the numbers £1.5m incremental sales growth 450% increase on previous year’s sales Best­selling game of 2005 Limited edition sold out two weeks before Christmas Added 100,000 names to Hasbro’s database IPA Effectiveness Award for Best Use of Small Budget