Trade treats

Client: Carte D'Or
Our challenge for Carte D'Or was to create a website for the summer season that grabbed the attention of food service operators by offering real value and support. To outperform anything the competition had provided, the site had to be interactive, impactful and interesting, and drive additional sales and revenue for the ice-cream manufacturer.

Response: was launched to offer an interactive menu service, the first of it’s kind in the sector. Operators can build and print their own bespoke menus, determining content, images and price from a selection on the website. All of the recipes for the simple yet striking desserts on offer are available on the site, alongside a profit calculator to work out margin, tips on how to sell more ice-cream, POS, and Health & Safety tips when working with ice-cream. The trend for nutritional information is supported for each recipe with a breakdown of calorific content. Where to buy and how to store complete the site. Operators benefited from additional support and added value, and the tailor made menus enabled Carte D’Or to increase brand awareness within the retail sector and encourage ongoing interaction with their customers.


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