Savour the Flavour with Umami

Client: Unilever Food Solutions & Elior UK
Challenged to break the perception of soup being the ‘boring’ option on menus, Torch were briefed to create a new branded concept for Elior that would revolutionise their soup offer. The proposition should stand on it’s own as a new impactful menu option delivering freshness, flavour and front of house theatre.

Response: Our solution was a ‘built-to-order’ soup, where the customer selects their choice of ingredients, creating a broth, protein and flavour fusion. It was this fusion of flavours that inspired the brand name ‘UMAMI’, which is the fifth taste so welcome to our palate that is unexplained, the taste that leaves you wanting more. The name works harmoniously with the vibrant colours and descriptive flavours of the creative materials, which included brand design, front of house POS, branded takeaway cartons and operator’s manual.