SQUID is a drawing monster who lives and works in the concrete sea otherwise known as London. She illustrates for newspapers, magazines, advertising, book publishing, designs t-shirts, stationery and other odd merchandise and makes animated music videos. She works for both small independent companies and also famous clients like: Clean and Clear, Nokia, Channel 4, Chelmsford Council, Planet Science/Nesta and Saudi Aramco. She munches ships and slurps ink.

Ghost Bunnies on Railway Bridge, Liverpool St, London by Squid

Widescreen Whiskers

Client: Elsewhere Factory

Widescreen Whiskers was created for ELSEWHERE FACTORY's "A Night Inspired by David Lynch", a multi-disciplinary surreal art event - one of a series fe ... more

Embracing the Moment by Dr. Michael Cheung - Cancer Patient and relatives in hospital by Squid

Embracing the Moment

Client: Dr. Michael Cheung

Embracing the Moment is an illustrated book for people with cancer and their friends and relatives. The book includes explorations of the answers to c ... more