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Primeval FSDU

Client: 2 Entertain
This project involved the creation of an FSDU for the client’s DVD release, “Primeval”. Using our creativity, knowledge of the target retail environment and vast manufacturing capabilities.

Brief: The brief called for the creation and manufacture of a free-standing temporary display unit, with 6 areas for DVDs, that would be easy to assemble in a busy retail outlet. The unit had to be shipped part assembled to maximise compliance, but above all had to provide impact and theatre at the point of purchase in order to heighten awareness of the DVD release and create in-store standout.

Response: The FSDU directly influenced a sales uplift of £155,000 over and above the client's target projection. Overall the unit achieved an Effectiveness Multiplier of 3.9, representing a 390% return on the initial £40,000 investment.

Website: www.smpgroup.co.uk

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