Urban Decay // Alice in Wonderland

Client: Urban Decay
Urban Decay produced a limited edition eyeshadow palette compact called ‘Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows’ created as a homage to Tim Burton and Disney’s film.

Brief: Sheridan&Co were tasked with developing a campaign to drive sales and promote the palette across nine Debenhams stores nationwide in the UK.

Response: A pop-up scene of Alice’s journey through the mushroom forest, is at the heart of the design, taking inspiration from the quirky packaging. The promotion featured Alice-themed graphics applied onto existing retail sites, countertops showcasing the product nestled in artificial grass surrounded by cut-out mushrooms and grass in the centre of the consultation area to tie the theme into the existing retail furniture. The consultation tables were draped in fabric in Urban Decay’s signature purple and dressed with giant teacups to echo the scenes from the mad hatters tea party.

Tags: store in store, brand experience, cosmetics, retail strategy, promotion, retail design,