Response, Reassurance, Results

Client: Munters MCS
Create a unique point of difference for MCS and the three core service propositions at that time. The new sales toolkit is inexpensive to produce, simple to amend and includes: - customer sector brochures - service line brochure - customer sector advertisement templates - customer sector sales presentations - customer sector pop up banners - website - PR - Direct Mail - sector newsletters - brand guidelines

Brief: Create a brand that better reflected the division to better reinforce the global power of the business and deliver truly realistic, motivating, actionable, understandable and consistent communications.

Response: New brand identity and suite of literature devised and rolled out globally, including MCS brand guidelines. Customer research from a range of customers across 10 countries identified attitudes to products and services and significantly changed the client's perception of customer needs and values. The research also provided evidence which strongly influenced the content of a new business strategy and communications plan. To support the sales effort an internal 'Value Propositions Guide' was produced featuring each of the service lines, ensuring consistent messaging for services and their corresponding features, benefits and value propositions.

Tags: brandstrategy, communicationsplan, salestoolkit, serviceproposition, customerproposition, valueproposition, GLOBAL, realistic, motivating, actionable, understandable, consistent,

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