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  • Timberland Consumer Guide
  • Timberland Consumer Guide

Timberland POS and Consumer Guide

Client: Timberland
Point of sale and consumer catalogue design for Timberland.

Brief: To develop a range of POS that appeals to the Timberland street lifestyle target market and challenges the traditional style POS displays, and to design a consumer guide to be given out with any purchase from the Urban boot collection. The design should both uphold the classic Timberland brand and appeal to the Urban/Contemporary collection clientele.

Response: POS - With very limited, very competitive in-store space allocation, we needed to make sure the POS we designed had instant visual appeal and impact. Focusing on strong photography and striking use of print finishes, we were able to draw out the character and essence of the boots.

Consumer guide - We put together a handy pocket-sized booklet, using a combination of photographic and illustrative images, accentuating key details of each individual boot. The tactile quality was also important, which we achieved through the use of a recycled uncoated stock for the inner pages and an untreated board for the cover, with a bold spot UV logo printed across it.

The booklet went on to feature as a giveaway on the front cover of Touch magazine.

Art direction
Print management

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