Talkman® T5

Client: Vocollect
Vocollect, Inc., the global leader in voice-directed work, revolutionises how people work, by replacing paper instruction lists and computer screens with advanced voice recognition technologies that literally talk them through their daily tasks. This results in better productivity, increased accuracy, and improved employee retention.

Brief: Vocollect has a long history of innovation and continues to make leadership investments in research and development. In 2003 the company saw the opportunity to create a next- generation wearable computer. Vocollect approached PDD to help it create a truly innovative design that would provide significant new capability for customers performing voice-directed work.

Response: PDD was tasked with conducting user research to understand the new context. The new product needed the same stringent technical and performance requirements as previous models, but with enhancements. Those included: an improved battery life and retention of memory and data integrity on impact. Without mouse or keyboard, the new Talkman® T5 wearable computer uses speech to provide handsfree and eyes-free operation on the move, the most natural and intuitive interface between people and systems. The pocket-sized T5 has advanced functionality and ergonomics: • It is 33% smaller and 45% lighter than its predecessor. Its new, curved design enables it to be worn on a belt or shoulder harness, giving exceptional freedom of mobility to workers in distribution centres and other environments. • It is waterproof, vibration-resistant and dusttight. It will survive multiple impacts, and its shock-resistant architecture and patented connectors protect data memory. Its elastomeric skin provides additional scuff protection and is easy to replace. It will operate in freezers at -30º as happily as in humid greenhouses. • The charging system allows battery or computer charging, individually or in banks and with or without jackets. The Talkman T5 has won two prestigious international design awards: The International Forum Design Award and the RedDot Design Award.

Testimonial: "We wanted a design partner that could truly push the envelope. PDD spent a great amount of time working to understand our application environment and what design aspects would be needed to make this a 'wow' for our customers and prospects." - Vocollect


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