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Client: Thrifty Car Rental
Thrifty Car Rental is one of the most widely recognised brands in the car rental industry. Aiming to significantly increase sales online, Thrifty engaged Nomensa to undertake a user requirement evaluation of their website ahead of a redevelopment of the site. Having been impressed by the quality and thoroughness of the initial report, Thrifty re-engaged with Nomensa to undertake the next phase of development and translate the findings of the evaluation into a visually engaging, fully accessible, user-centred website that would significantly improve quotation volumes and conversion rates.

Brief: Nomensa conducted a usability requirements evaluation to gain a comprehensive overview of how Thrifty's website was performing, the customers' and franchisees' needs and requirements and how effectively the site supported and met user goals. Nomensa then developed and built a visually rich, fully accessible site featuring numerous new and exciting functionalities. The new Thrifty site offered an improved booking process, engaging vehicle information pages and highly usable and accessible templates. In addition, training and knowledge of the guidelines were used to ensure a sustainable future growth for the site.

Response: The newly developed Thrifty site demonstrated an operational example of the impressive benefits of a fully accessible, user-centric website. Thrifty's engaging new booking process offered exciting results for the brand, receiving 50% year-on-year uplift in rental quotations which accounted for a dramatic increase in sales.


Tags: usability, accessibility, usercentreddesign, userexperience, websitedesign,

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