Client: WSET
The WSET® (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) was founded in 1969. It exists to promote, provide and develop high quality education and sought-after qualifications in wines and spirits for those in the wine and spirit industry, as well as for the interested consumer.

Brief: We were approached by WSET to design & develop an iPhone app which would be both fun to play as well as being informative, helping the player to learn and increase their knowledge of wines around the world.

Response: We devised a game with a mechanic that allows you to zoom into various wine producing areas of the world, and the game operates by you having to select the correct area where you think wine label you are shown in the main game interface originates from. You simply tap the screen where you think each bottle should be placed to zoom in and release to confirm you are happy with your selection. There are six main levels currently developed, all of which increase in complexity to further test your knowledge of wine as you progress through the game. There is a specific time limit of 60 seconds for each level, with ten wines in each to try and place correctly. Within each level you are asked to decide what country, region (eg. the South of France) or sub-region (eg. Bordeaux) you think the wine originates from. The labels presented to the player are from a vast database, so you will be be tested on a random selection every time you replay the game. We have integrated the mobile gaming network OpenFeint into the APP, which allows players to compare their scores with others in the network, import friends from major social network sites, join leader boards, forums and chat rooms. When you have finished each game, you are shown the list of wines you have been faced with placing during the game, whether you get them correct or otherwise you are provided with generic tasting notes on that wine or region so as well as testing what you already know about wine, the APP aims to extend that knowledge.

Testimonial: "We are extremely pleased with the finished iPhone App, it is better than we originally imagined. After briefly testing it in-house we realized how addictive the game is and how it improves your knowledge of the different wine regions around the world. It has been great working with Moonshine media, they quickly grasped exactly what we wanted and needed from our brief and delivered a sophisticated game that fits our corporate image and customer profile.It has also been a pleasure working with such a dedicated and professional team providing a quality product with a quality service."


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