Client: HMDG
Wired is well known as being the full colour monthly American magazine, in publication since 1993. Its subject matter is based on how current and future technologies affects culture, the economy and politics.

Brief: WIRED launched a UK edition of the magazine. Our task was to publicise this launch via an online advertising campaign.

Response: We worked alongside HMDG to design and build a number of different creative executions, incorporating various elements, from animation of WIRED UK issue #1’s cover, to ad placements pulling in live RSS feeds from the wired.co.uk site, to 3D animations tied into user initiated expandable banners.Although we employed diverse techniques to keep the campaign stimulating across the various placements – the banners all had however, the uniform message throughout, that: ‘WIRED UK: Is The Magazine About What’s Next’.To go hand-in-hand with the rich media campaign, we also worked on a series of HTML email send outs offering various subscription promotions to WIRED UK.Finally, to coincide with the time of the first issues’ launch, we worked to create several outdoor placements. These took the form of digital six sheets. They displayed the key facts and information about the newly launched magazine – its cover, its cost – and several lines of copy describing the magazine’s mantra. The media was placed in prominent places across the London underground network to push the message and build awareness.


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