Founded in 2010, Artcaste is a web-based TV and print news network made for all art enthusiasts whether they be collectors, gallery, auction and museum professionals, dealers, advisors, artists, or those with a general interest. Artcaste has been developed as a hub with the intent to educate, inform and share news, research and updates on current affairs and developments within the international art market.

Brief: We were tasked with designing a website that is true to the community-driven ethos of the overall project.

Response: WordPress was selected as the site template, allowing for a user friendly, highly visual experience and greater agility as the site becomes populated with more content.The result is a very clean, crisp and image heavy site. A landing page welcomes the visitor to the Artcaste, with a rolling gallery of current headline content and embedded video. Navigation is through a series of drop down menus for the main site areas whilst content sub-sections have either animated tabs or expandable accordion panels. Clickable new content is also accessible at the foot of the page via animated panels in a carousel layout. A live Twitter feed and calendar provide daily suggestions for art activities in London, New York and worldwide are also prominent integrated into the page. For ease of use, by simply clicking on any date – books these dates directly to your Google calendar.All material is sharable through social media sites such as Facebook and is supported with back links to related external content.Artcaste also offers broadcast television programming available on demand through the website or via an iPhone/iPad app. Video is loaded from a YouTube channel specially created to deliver content directly to the app. each channel contains video thumbnails, and data such as title, duration and rankings. Clicking on a channel will launch the selected video into the player page. A click through allows video comments from other users to be viewed as well as the ability to post your own thoughts and reviews.Share buttons connect the app to popular social networks for users to easily share links to the YouTube source video.

Testimonial: "We have enjoyed working with Moonshine. Their efforts, creative talent and dedication to the task has been exemplary. We couldn't have been more fortunate in sourcing a more capable group to help us with the challenge of breathing life into ArtCaste. Our team have been able to rely on the Moonshine group to collaborate on video production for streaming, application development for the iPod and iPad as well as furthering the relationship with work on our new TV platform. Moonshine has been there with us every step of the way to direct the brand development through to creating the site design and work-flow. We are pleased with how the site and mobile app has turned out. The development of our TV platform and additional services mean that we're able to continue our relationship with Moonshine for the benefit of ArtCaste and it's future success." - David Robinson, President


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