Vauxhall Tribes is a campaign initiative from UK car marque Vauxhall (whose European sister brand is Opel) that seeks to showcase the finest unsigned urban talent from the world of breakdancing, beatboxing and MCing, whilst aligning the brand with a young, urban demographic.

Brief: In 2007, the competition was extended to urban street artists for the first time. We were asked to design and produce an update of the 2006 Vauxhall Tribes urban-orientated site, which would not only encourage people to view the site, but once there register online for an audition or apply for tickets and support the event. It was important, that having identified the key demographic as street artists and followers of urban music and dance, we created the right strategy / creative to reach this audience.

Response: In response, we built and developed a site that intuitively appealed to this group: A DJ mixer device was used for navigation throughout the site whilst a contemporary street artist was commissioned to create unique character illustrations which were shown on the various pages. The urban look and feel was further conveyed by a graffiti-themed background and colouring as well as the typography of the redesigned and stylised logo which was reproduced on event apparel such as hoodies and t-shirts. The brief not only prescribed driving people to the site but encourage them to register online for the competition and/or support the event. The art direction and production was extended to print publicity including posters promoting the four regional heats as well as the London final and event tickets.


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