Teaching Education Supplement (TES) is the central focus for the UK teaching community to share their ideas, thoughts and views outside the staff room. TES Connect is an online social network that allows teachers to network, share resources and search for jobs. It is the world’s largest network of this kind for teachers, and a place where they can share their professional profile with peers, discuss a range of issues on the forums, and see what their professional colleagues have been making good use of in the classroom

Brief: We were commissioned to work on two projects for the TES Connect website, in two different mediums – but both operating as tools to explain to users how to use certain sections of the site.

Response: The first project took the form of a flash animation which was situated on the main homepage. The animation, via iconographic styling, and instructional designs, described how the main features of TES Connect operated, and how the user could glean the most useful information from using the site in a certain way.The second project was also an instructional tool, but this time, the outcome was a video clip, as opposed to the predominantly vector-based animation.We recorded live video capturing a user’s journey navigating around the TES Connect site, edited the material and accompanied it with a series of voice-overs explaining various areas of the site, what they did, and how they worked.For example, two of the key areas the client wanted us to concentrate on were how to fill out the extensive job search section, and the different levels of subscription to the publication that were on offer.


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