Specific Media, Europe’s largest independent digital media platform, leads the industry with ground-breaking technology which enables advertisers to target consumers throughout Northern and Western Europe and North America based on demographics, behaviours, geographic locations and the contextual relevance of websites visited. Specific Media’s Premium Network reaches more than 33 million consumers each month in the UK, more than 100 million across Europe and over 260 million consumers globally. The combination of reach and proprietary targeting technologies allows Specific Media to create highly customised audience segments for advertisers. Since 1999, Specific Media has been enabling advertisers to build relationships with their target audiences across the top consumer branded publishers.

Brief: To help brief the press in support of its UK launch, we were commissioned to produce an animation that explained how this technology works in a entertaining and original manner. All text also had to be translated into French and German – Specific Media’s other two European markets at the time.

Response: Using Flash we began by re-imagining the brand safe environment of the advertising network as a city. We then created three distinct character designs which were placed into three different scenarios representing the three approaches of the technology – netcast, reachcast and smartcast. Each character was seen walking down the same city street but exposed to different advertising spaces whose timings remained the same throughout each walk-through. A brief textual outline of the advertising process accompanied each journey, whilst additional copy was displayed on the final screen.A rollover of each suite reveals its key features and benefits whilst clicking on each starts the animation.For Netcast, which enables advertisers to completely take over advertising space on the network, the character is surrounded by adverts for the same brand across different props as he walks down the street.In a second scenario, a set number of a brand’s advert are placed in prominent positions along the same street but amongst other generic ads, to illustrate how Reachcast can cap the number of times a unique user is targeted by any one campaign across the network.For Smartcast’s behavourial capability, our character is seen on the same street, but this time, the adverts have been replaced with ones specific to this character’s interests and current shopping behaviour.


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