Since its launch in 1998, Russian Standard Vodka has grown to become a Russian’s number one premium vodka. Initially the preserve of its domestic market, it began expanding onto the international scene in 2006.

Brief: The brand’s parent company has established a deliberate marketing strategy that emphasises the brand’s 100% Russian pedigree – from recipe, raw materials to distillation and bottling. As part of a recent marketing campaign which set out to highlight the quality of the brand and elevate its profile we were asked to design and build a series of banner ads around the the tag ‘Vodka as it should be.’

Response: A TV commercial had already been made, and our response to the brief was to develop both rich media expandable and un-expandable banner ads that utilised scenes and elements from the video. We also included call to action touch points to provoke the response to ‘Think Again’ – a challenge to the consumer’s existing discernment of vodka that the overall tag line is built on.Reflecting the stylisation of the commercial, a simple skyscraper banner was created using product placement set against a backdrop created from a detail of the bottle’s label, as well as a series of html letterbox banners. These banners use rich colour and sensuous stills taken from the full length commercial and include the textual provocation.The full length version of the commercial is hosted in a rich media expandable skyscraper banner. As the user moves over the banner ad, it expands revealing a link back to the company’s website and two social media touch points – the brand’s YouTube TV channel (which hosts the commercial) and a call to action to ‘Like’ the brand on Facebook. This stylisation was also reused to create a YouTube masthead.By retaining the aesthetics of the accompanying commercial, we were able to reinforce the sensuous and luxurious nature of the brand. The inclusion of touch points and external links allowed users to discover more about the brand and truly help them to ‘Think Again’.

Testimonial: ‘It was a pleasure working with Moonshine Media. They really understood the brief and delivered a professional and aesthetically rich contribution to our campaign. We wouldn’t hesitate to choose them again .’ Luke White – My Agency Creative Partner & Founder


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