To promote the launch of Red Bull Cola, we created a series of online adverts, working alongside international agency, Kastner & Partners.

Brief: The creative for the rich media placements was required to convey the message that the cola is strong in flavour and completely natural.

Response: We thought the best way to show these two prominent features of the soft drink was to actually show the viewer all of the natural ingredients – most of which are fairly exotic sounding, if not exotic looking. This would add emphasis to the organic nature of the drink and really reinforce the cola’s main benefit to the consumer and show them exactly what goes into producing each and every can.The list was made up of fifteen ingredients, each photographically represented and shown within two banners, one horizontal, one vertical, scrolling along and dropping into the can making up the newly released drink.This animation was concluded with the key message split into three strong lines of copy: The cola from Red Bull. 100% Pure Cola. Strong & Natural.

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