NiQuitin is a range of nicotine replacement products designed to help smokers give up their habit. There are various nicotine replacement therapy products manufactured under the brand (e.g. chewing gum, lozenges, transdermal systems) and all are well-known temporary aids for the cigarette smoker who wants to give up smoking.

Brief: What product is best for certain types of smokers to get on the right track? To answer this problem we were commissioned to design and develop an application that would sit within the main NiQuitin site, and act as a tool to help consumers choose the right product suited to them.

Response: We achieved this by having a series of questions and options for consumer to choose from, each answer narrowing down the scope for what would be best to try, and after only half a dozen entries, the user was then presented with the packshot and information about the NiQuitin product they are personally most suited to.It was a quick and easy way for people to reach the right product and access relevant information about a difficult task, which we all know, giving up smoking is.


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