Network Rail is the government-created owner and operator of most of the rail infrastructure in Great Britain.

Brief: Working in conjunction with PAA, we had to devise a series of creative rich media ads whose aim was to make the public aware of planned network improvements in the Network Rail service over the Christmas and New Year period.

Response: The Network Rail livery is very striking as its primary brand colours are black and orange. This lent itself to us designing a series of visuals which utilised this vivid palette to emulate hazard warning lights.We also designed a series of graphical devices which took the form of a series of stylised chevrons interlinked to imply a moving series of railway carriages. Once animated, these added a real dynamism to the ads – with the chevron trails moving in and out of the ads’ visible area, and with each transition, pulling in another line of information about the possible disruption commuters were likely to face over the holiday period.We also employed another creative in the form of an animated train station departures board to display a cycle of key messages in the second phase of the campaign.


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