Lowe and Partners is an international advertising agency headquartered in London. The Agency is a unit of the Interpublic Group, one of the world’s largest advertising agency holding companies. The Interpublic Group is one of the big four agency holdings conglomerates, including Publicis, WPP, and Omnicom.

Brief: Lowe and Partners initiated a rebranding project which included redefining the digital strategy on a global scale. For an agency such as Lowe that believes so strongly on building big creative ideas that put the brand into the heart of popular culture, it was essential that those credentials were portrayed on the website, enhancing the brand and philosophy of the network through its web presence.

Response: We sought to create a website solution that would allow local agencies to upload a variety of rich content format across multiple sites with greater ease and immediacy and allow the ability for localisation. To meet these objectives set by the client , we developed a WordPress site built around the concept of greater back-end functionality. An extensive content management system solution was built into the site enabling the national offices of Lowe and its partners to upload and edit their own content. A site theme with an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic was developed, showcasing latest news, work, case studies and clients from across the organisation in a clean and simple format with clearly signed navigation points. This served to align all our local agency websites to conform to the same look and feel as the worldwide site, affirming that Lowe and Partners is a global network of agencies.The body of work is, in its entirety, a portfolio of aired TV and Print campaigns – with which we fully integrated social media plug-ins, allowing each piece of work to be easily shared at the users convenience.An integral office location finder is prominently visible throughout the site that gives users immediate contact information and a click through redirection to the relevant localised site.

Testimonial: "Having come from an consultancy background, I know how difficult it is to select an outsourced partner. Moonshine acted with the highest level of professionalism from the start of project, and not only demonstrated the skill and expertise to execute the brief successfully, but also provided excellent support after delivery, to ensure our digital strategy was realised."

Website: http://www.moonshinemedia.co.uk/portfolio/lowe-and-partners/

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