Little Fish Films are a niche London based commercial and production house. They have a specialist roster of directors whose work varies from commercial TV clips for alcohol brands to food products to car manufacturers.

Brief: Little Fish Films approached Moonshine, to do design and build there new website along with an introductory animation.

Response: There is a bespoke 3D animation that welcomes you into the site - this was painstakingly crafted from the original company logo. The ‘splat’ fish to really comes alive in the clip, circling the screen, even growling at the visitor - embodying the ethos and mentality of the company - tenacity, individuality, being outlandish and full of attitude. Wordpress was selected as the site template, allowing for a user friendly, highly visual experience and greater agility as the site becomes populated with more content. We created a comprehensive & robust content management system for the company to utilise - giving them total freedom to upload whatever content they chose, and whenever they chose to do so. We have created the ability for the user to compile their own showreel from their favourite or most relevant clips they want to either collate for themselves or potential clients. By simply entering chosen names and email addresses, once submitted they then receive a link sent to their inbox, which they click and get sent directly to view the desired videos. All clips are encoded with Vimeo controls, but re-skinned so as to match the little fish films aesthetic. All videos can be viewed full screen, and by simply clicking the button below each TVC, it quickly and easily adds it to your playlists, ready to send to others, or as aforementioned, start to compile a showreel of your own creation. It is intended to have a blog created in the near future, from our development process, this will take no time at all to develop, and then implement within the bare bones of the site we see at present.

Testimonial: "We approached Moonshine to create our website, they came back to us with a new approach to viewing and creating our showreels. This piece of code has now become a mainstay in our workflow. Creative thinking in response to our brief crafted a great shop window to our company and an invaluable tool." - Joseph Williams, Little Fish Films.

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