Headline Publishing had acquired the rights to Lisa Gardner’s ‘Catch Me’ in hardback and ‘Love You More’ in paperback for their Spring 2012 list. These two titles, to be published simultaneously formed part of a series following Boston Detective D. D. Warren as she cracked her cases.

Brief: Headline Publishing wanted a digital campaign not only to match the author’s status as a New York Times bestseller, but also to build her author presence in the UK, and to drive traffic for ‘Crime Files’, a brand which included other writers in the genre.

Response: Moonshine’s digital creative team built an application in Facebook around a competition to win a Kindle Fire. Headline’s cover art comprised the prominent image on the FaceBook homepage, but once the Like button was clicked, nine separate squares appeared, all containing further content. Exerts from Lisa’s two books, specially recorded video, and links to purchase were held here, meaning the app was of interest to all visitors, from those who came for the competition, to the genre fan, to the die-hard Lisa Gardner book buyer. Moonshine’s campaign had at its heart the belief the Facebook user should always be rewarded for their Like, and once the email address was collected, the first chapter of the author’s book was available for download.In the building of this application Moonshine had provided a stylish solution to a number of marketing ambitions for the publisher, namely the launch of Lisa Gardner’s titles, building the author as a brand and building audience for the crime genre.

Testimonial: "We wanted to create a buzz for the launch of a major new author to Headline and showcase a host of exclusive content to engage and excite readers. Moonshine worked to a tight deadline and delivered exactly what we needed at each stage, and the team was attentive and enthusiastic about the project. We’re thrilled with the end result and have plans to roll it out to a wider audience in the future." Vicky Cowell, Senior Marketing Manager Headline Publishing Group


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