The aim was to create a multilingual site to accompany the new Unilever product launch of Knorr Vie – a series of shot drinks made up of a combination of fruit and vegetables.

Brief: The site had to be visually engaging in order to maintain the user’s interest, whilst also being informative, and conveying the key message of the product – that each shot’s ingredients added up to one of the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables per day.

Response: Our solution to this brief was to take the user on a journey around a ‘Knorr Vie World’ – a world constructed using real fruits and vegetables. Via a focal signpost the user could navigate in different directions within the landscape, areas of which related to distinct categories of information about the product, ranging from ingredients lists to nutritional details, and latest news.The site was also required to have a back-end Content Management System (CMS) in place so that countries would be able to upload and edit their own content.


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