JEEVES' UNANSWERABLES 10th Anniversary microsite

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the leading question and answer search engine, we were asked to create a microsite surrounding those seemingly ‘unanswerable’ questions that had been posed to Jeeves over the last decade.

Brief: Users were asked to enter their answers on the site, and have the ability to also rate others offerings. Examples of these unanswerable questions included; ‘What is the meaning of life?’, ‘Is there a God?’, and ‘Do blondes have more fun?’! There was an online competition to win an iPad to encourage users to get involved with the competition, along with the draw of Ask signing up celebrities including hairdresser Nicky Clarke, TV presenter Sarah Beeny and astrologer Russell Grant to try to answer users’ queries.

Response: The site was built as a bespoke wordpress theme, utilising the benefits of the built in SEO friendly features and a robust Content Management System (CMS) – this being ideal for the short period of time the site was live, as information was altered on a daily basis. The other benefit of building the site in this manner was the fact that it enabled us to successfully moderate the competition entries and comments before they had the chance to be posted on various social networks.


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